Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Death Of Expertise

"We don't know what it means, as the previous speakers have said. I think there are two entirely contradictory forces right now acting on Putin. On one hand, there is some sort of deal, whether that means he has to give Prigozhin some of what he wants, which is probably more autonomy, more backup, less dependence on the Ministry of Defense, which is who has been struggling with for the last couple of weeks," they said.

I don’t think you need to have written a biography of Putin to advance that conjecture. 

And this:
So he needs to crack down on the people who supported Prigozhin, on Prigozhin himself and people who have encountered Prigozhin's forces in places that they have made it to in the last 24 hours. For, example, a large city in southern Russia, the seat of the southern military command in Russia, where, as they're packing up to leave, according to .. reporting from there, people are applauding and saying thank you."
Would mean more if it were coming from members of the Politburo. The insurrection here didn’t last nearly as long, but at least we have sympathizers in Congress.

By golly!

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