Thursday, June 22, 2023

Trump? Read?

You know, it's a small consolation if Donald Trump were to tamper with a witness to the detriment of the case and of the witness, yeah, it might be great; the judge might be able to hold him accountable, hold him in contempt, fine him, and possibly even incarcerate him, but the damage has been done," said Kirschner. "At this point you can only confine a man for but one life, and look at all the charges that are pending against Donald Trump. But, you know, if Donald Trump was ever inspired to tamper with witnesses, Nicolle, I have a feeling that will be at its zenith when he reads those grand jury transcripts." 
He noted that there are people who are inclined to say one thing when they're in front of Trump and something else when they're in front of a grand jury and under oath. "And these, we believe, are Donald Trump's own attorneys; they are close associates, heck, they may be cabinet members and family members," said Kirschner. 
"So, I think this will be a real eye-opening moment for Donald Trump when he starts poring through these grand jury transcripts and he sees what all of these people have testified about regarding his misconduct."
If somebody reduced it to a FoxNews sound bite he might get something out of it. But Trump give up his busy schedule if daily golf and nightly all-caps rants to go to his lawyer’s offices to “pore over transcripts.” I used to read transcripts for a living (what can I say, it’s been a varied life) and I can’t imagine Trump getting past the “state your name” part. Literally can’t imagine it, and I have a pretty good imagination.

Trump? Read transcripts? No. Try to tamper with witnesses? Yeah, I can see that. Although I can’t imagine what he could threaten them with/offer them to get them to commit perjury. He’s not Michael Corleone calling in the cousin from Italy. The only person Trump can threaten is the pool boy at MAL; who, come to think of it, could be a witness.

Trump will try; but Trump is screwed. But Trump try to read? Never gonna happen.
Besides, Trump had more tsnts to write; 😈 🍿 

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