Friday, April 08, 2016

It isn't even passed....

There were a number of Russians interviewed on BBC World Service today, about Putin's alleged connections to off-shore tax havens by way of close associates as revealed through the Panama Papers.

Putin has said this is a plot by the U.S. to undermine his leadership.  Most of the Russians interviewed echoed this view:  that the U.S. is the enemy of Russia, and works tirelessly to tell lies about Russia and Putin, so we can gain power; or something.

The reporter noted the people were parroting the line fed to them by state media.  All I could think was:  how could an entire nation think the most important part of being a nation was having an enemy that worked tirelessly to defeat it?

I mean, imagine such a state of affairs......

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  1. Now, THAT'S irony.

    Ever wonder if they hadn't overthrown the Czar in 1917 if, maybe, just maybe, they might not have made more progress with a lot fewer people getting killed? I mean, what have they had but a series of Czars by other names, with one short period under someone who I don't think wanted to be one.

    The American revolution did, for a short period, at least get us out of the British class system. We've relapsed. I think PBS importing all those BBC shows has a lot to do with that.