Friday, April 15, 2016

Nobody expects to drop their pistol!

If it goes off, it'll be an accident.  Really.

I get this from Southern Beale:

Kentucky State Police say a woman was hospitalized after accidentally being shot by her son in Elliot County.

According to police, the shooting occurred as the juvenile was dismounting a horse he had been riding. They say boy's 22 caliber pistol fell out of his holster and discharged after hitting the ground.

We're told Jereen Stamper, 39, was struck in the side after the gun discharged.

Police say she was taken to a hospital in West Virginia for treatment.

My car ran over somebody, but it's okay, because it was an accident.

I dropped the keys.

I mean, how can you hold somebody responsible for something they didn't mean to do?  I actually remember an ad for public safety in Texas with copy that ran something like:  "Tim didn't like the music on the radio; so he killed a girl."  The accompanying video shows a young driver looking down at his radio to change stations as a young girl darts out into the street, chasing a ball.  There's enough time to avoid the tragedy, if the driver was paying attention.

Funny how some things are accidents, and some things you're responsible for, isn't it?

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  1. I'll bet they watched Clint Eastwood movies together when he was growing up.

    Hollywood cowboys and cops are what's going to bring us all down.