Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nobody expects a series of questions of a Presidential candidate!

I think she was referring to the use of the comfy chair.

Jane Sanders, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), said Wednesday that her husband's widely panned interview with the New York Daily News was "more of an inquisition."

Jane Sanders told CNN that she thought the candidate's hour-long interview with the tabloid's editorial board was "odd."

"We commented on that afterwards, that it was more of an inquisition, hurry, hurry, interrupt, let's ask the questions don't let you even finish your answers," Sanders said. "We didn't realize they had planned to release the transcript. So it became a little bit more evident what they were trying to do."
Good thing it didn't go on for 11 hours before a Congressional committee, or it might have been a kind of Holocaust.


  1. Thank you. I used your ideas on Facebook. You'd never know if I hadn't told you. :-)

    The media is mean, and they ask probing questions, even gotcha questions, alas. Welcome to the world of presidential politics. I'd have thought Sen. and Ms Sanders would have learned by now that transcripts happen.

    I may have told you this already, but Clinton's impressive intelligence, stamina, and composure during the hearings were a major push for me to switch from Sanders to Clinton. She looked presidential. Sanders did the rest. I was his to lose, and he lost me.

  2. That hearing was impressive. Proved to me she is ready for the world stage.

  3. I think this campaign shows that there is a difference between being a Senator and being a President. And some people who are good at one of them aren't necessarily good at both.

    There have been points in it, such as this one, when I think Bernie Sanders has gotten too used to being adored by his fans. That's something I think was one of the worst things about Barack Obama, he expected that he could get everyone to love him. I have no sense that Hillary Clinton suffers from that delusion.

  4. "I have no sense that Hillary Clinton suffers from that delusion."

    25 years of being attacked is probably enough to dispel that delusion.