Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Not with a bang, but a whinging

I keep thinking Sanders is a victim of his most zealous on-line supporters.

I keep being wrong:

Well, here’s what I think,” Sanders replied. “I think at the end of the day, what Democrats all over this country want to make sure is that somebody like a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz does not end up in the White House. And I think what more and more Democrats are seeing is that Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate.”

“She’s getting more votes,” the host pressed.

“Well, she is getting more votes. A lot of that came from the South,” Sanders parried. “But if you look at the polling out there, we do a lot better against Trump and the other Republicans in almost every instance — not every one — than she does. And the reason is that we both get a lot of Democrats, but I get a lot more independents than she does.”

Two things:  if the argument is the South is all red states, then:

Likewise, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, Idaho and Oklahoma, each of which were Bernie victories, are red states that probably won’t go Democratic in November.

And the other is:  a Vermont by way of Brooklyn Yankee saying, essentially:  "F*ck the South!"?  Yeah, that's the way to run a national campaign.   One could go further, and point out that without the delegates from "the South" that Bernie did win, he wouldn't still be in this race at all.

This is how a campaign self-destructs.


  1. When the rumor was circulating that Bernie Sanders was considering running for the Democratic nomination this was exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of happening. Bernie Sanders is in danger of destroying whatever legacy he might leave.

    The idea that votes from people in the South shouldn't count is a variation on the idea that the votes of Black voters shouldn't count, something I never thought I'd hear said by alleged leftists in a Democratic nomination contest. I wonder if discounting the votes of women is next.

    If Hillary Clinton doesn't win the election Bernie Sanders' campaign will have given a fatal blow to the left, it will never recover from during lifetimes longer than I've got.

    The left is always making the mistake of thinking that delivering election losses will increase its power by intimidation. That only works when a faction is able to deliver a win, something that the left has not proven it can do. You know why I think that's true.

  2. "But my point is, it is a question of judgment. It is a question of judgment,” Sanders replied.

    It's not just Sanders'supporters, some of whom are harassing super delegates to gain super delegates. It's Sanders himself whose judgment is questionable in his recent statements. Desperation?