Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Open mouth, insert foot in boot.....

It probably won't come to this, but when I said Bernie did himself no favors dismissing the South as a voting bloc, the results in New York State tonight in the GOP primary are a prime reason why I said that.

Cruz was talking like what he thought a native Texan sounds like when he disparaged "New York values."  It was stupid, offensive, and inexcusable.  And he forgot, despite what the New York Times said about him today, that New York was listening.

Boy, were they listening.

It really doesn't pay to insult people, and then ask them to vote for you.


  1. I used to wonder why the play-left did that because it was so obviously and stupidly counter-productive. Now I think winning elections isn't their real goal, convincing themselves of their own intellectual superiority is. They love to preen, when it's not in their intellectual superiority, it's in their purity.

    I've so totally had it with the play-left and their decades of conceited failure.

  2. As someone pointed out, Bernie is not interested in the hard-work of organizing and getting people to work together toward a common cause.

    It's a failing I'm sympathetic to; I'm much more of a professor regaling my students with what they should think and/or know, than I am the pastor leading his flock to go together toward a common goal. But the latter, the organizer (I'm not sure Obama was ever that good at it, either; he's more professorial than a leader), is what is needed in the Presidency.

    Preening and making sure you are intellectually superior is, of course, much easier.