Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is it wrong to feel this much schadenfreude?

This can only get better, although not for Our Man on Their Side.

As Josh Marshall notes, this really does look like a free fall (Cokie Roberts and Conventional Wisdom the night of the debate notwithstanding).   The Five Thirty-Eight Nowcast (which I am more and more inclined to take as the predictor of outcome, since people are voting NOW), gives Clinton an 88% chance of winning, which is only 8 points below her high of 96% on August 8th.

Yeah, good thing somebody removed those....shackles? (On a rich white man, running to be the President of so many descendants of slaves?  Never mind, that's part of the shackle-removing, I guess.  D'oh, there is it again!  Darn these shackles, will they never give rich white men any peace?)

Another rich white guy who wanted to lose his shackles.

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  1. As an Irish Catholic, I'm not taking the chance of saying something about "f--e f--l" for fear of jinxing things.