Friday, May 05, 2017

I left the computer on

and made the mistake of checking Trump's twitter feed:

Like the fake news that you really need to watch "Schoolhouse Rock" again?  Maybe several times?

Well, if you ignore the last 90 months:

CHAMBERLAIN: Yeah. And this is a continuation of this strong, slow, growing labor market. We're 94 months now into this economic expansion. So you know, that's eight years, and there's a lot of young millennials today who in their entire young working careers have never seen a really weak labor market.

MCEVERS: So it's expanding - the economy - but where exactly is it expanding? I mean from what you're seeing, what jobs are most in demand?

CHAMBERLAIN: Well, the big job generator so far in the last few years has been health care. That is really the 800-pound gorilla of the labor market. It's generating tons of jobs. About 20 percent of job openings in America are in health care. And we're also seeing pay growing pretty fast for roles like registered nurse and emergency medical technician.

So without question, health care is a big contributor. But today we're also seeing gains in some surprising jobs like warehouse associates. These are, like, the frontline employees fueling the supply chain for Amazon and Wal-Mart, and we're seeing jobs and pay pick up for those roles also.
Wait a minute; if Trumpcare throws 24 million people off health insurance, will that affect jobs in health care?  Do ya think?  Possibly?

Reckon we can replace it with Australian Medicare?  Somebody thinks that's a better system than what we have.

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