Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I'm proud to be an American...."

Well, not because of the clown in the White House.

Anybody else noticing Trump won't disavow the actions of violent white supremacists (his staff did that, with an anodyne tweet from the "official" Twitter feed of the office, not the person), and yet he's now being mocked by the Nordic Prime Ministers.

Shouldn't they be part of his "base"?  Or is it because Europe is "liberal"?  Sorry, "extremely liberal":

Following President Donald Trump’s overseas trip, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark argued that the president made a mistake when he did not personally affirm the foundation of the NATO alliance: an attack on one is an attack on all.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota pointed out to Kingston that Trump had a “cozier relationship with Saudi Arabia” and “chillier” relationships with France and Germany.

“I am comfortable because I don’t think it’s that chilly,” Kingston replied. “But if you look at what the EU has become, the EU is to the left of Bernie Sanders.”

“We know that the EU is extremely liberal,” he added.

Gettin' to where you can't tell the players without a program....

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  1. If they don't base a new Star Wars villian on the look on Trump's face they've really missed a... um.... "golden" opportunity. And that king... someone should tell him that fat older guys shouldn't wear goatees.

    Republicans have made the United States into a laughingstock.