Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Only Kings have "Absolute Rights"

But today we call such people "dictators."

And B)  Trump has now admitted he shared classified information with Russians in the Oval Office.  How much of this story is "false" now?

C)  Trump told the Russians in the Oval Office "I get the best intel, I get great intelligence."  And then he told them what he knew that they shouldn't know.  His "humanitarian reasons"?  He needed to stroke his own ego.

D) Notice he takes no responsibility for revealing an intelligence source that shouldn't have been shared with our allies, much less with Russia.  It's all about Trump and his "absolute right."  And, as I say, what exactly is "false" about this story, now?


It’s also impossible that he thinks it’s fine to leak classified intel. He ran an entire presidential campaign – the greatest ever, he claims to anyone mad enough to listen to him – on the premise that Hillary Clinton should be locked up for mishandling classified intel.
Obviously it isn't impossible any more.  L'etat, c'est Trump. 

No, even the bozo-in-chief isn’t stupid enough to think it’s OK to hand out information like presidential M&Ms to anyone who walks into the Oval Office.
Tweet ipsa loquitur.  The tweet speaks for itself.

It seems Trump sees nothing wrong in being so close to the Russians that he spills his guts about our most precious intelligence. He is so desperate to impress them that he cannot distinguish between American interests and his own neediness. America First means Trump First, and if Trump wants to brag about his inaugural crowds or his intel reports, it’s all good. As Richard Nixon liked to say, if the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.

I think Trump just said that.

(Trump's tweet drives the last nail in the coffin for nations who want to share intelligence with the U.S. that they don't want shared more widely.  This is directly how the President can be a threat to national security.  He makes us less secure by scaring our allies away from sharing information with us.)

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