Friday, May 26, 2017

It was 50 years ago today

Well, maybe not today (I haven't googled it)*, but 25 years ago I was moved to buy a copy of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."  Hey, I was twelve when the album came out.  My first album was purchased 2 years later: "Abbey Road."  (Still have it.)

Actually, to stop and think about how much music they produced in so short a time is to marvel.  It's also to realize giants once walked among us, but no more.  At least not in that field.  But I digress.

25 years after that, the re-mixed and re-mastered album has been released.  I downloaded it on a whim (from CD to MP3; I skipped the vinyl altogether, although that's available again.  Everything old really is new again.).  It is, however, a truly amazing production.  I hardly have an audiophile's system (my receiver is closer to 40 than not), but it is the most amazing sound of anything I have recorded.  It makes my speakers sound better, and everything else I have sound muddier.

I'll get used to it.  But it's so good I'm listening to it over and over and over again.  Well,while the only other being here is the cat.  And he has no musical taste.

*well, now I have, looking for that picture.  Rolling Stone tells me it was released in the States on June 2, 1967.  A review that also gives me this:  "(Ringo Starr later described it as "a bunch of songs and you stick two bits of 'Pepper' on it and it's a concept album. It worked because we said it worked.")."  Which is the best description of the album possible.

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  1. Oh, no. I'm going to feel obligated to tease someone over this. I'm going to have to figure out a new angle.

    Maybe I won't say anything and it will drive him nuts.