Tuesday, May 09, 2017

That's gonna leave a mark

It's worth seeing it on video.  Cruz just walks straight into that room full of rakes.  And just to show the awareness of what's going on reaches beyond Josh Marshall:

Trump either thinks bravado will make him "win" the day, or he's too stupid to realize what happened.

Thinking about it this morning, Yates walked Cruz into that trap like a boss.  First she denies any direct knowledge of the statute Cruz mentions; then, when he reads it to her, she turns immediately to the same statute and finishes reading its provisions to him.  She "wasn't familiar" with it, but she just happened to have it at her elbow, and could read from it verbatim.

That's a textbook lesson in how to set up your prey.  Joe Scarborough called it a "hanging curve ball" she hit "470 feet."  Yup.

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