Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Go the f**k to sleep

I know I'm supposed to be upset by this ("Lawyers vow Kim Davis will violate court order").

I'm too busy laughing.

All the plaintiffs in the suit who wanted marriage licenses have them.  Hetero couples in Rowan County can now get marriage licenses.  Nothing Kim Davis or her lawyers did bore any fruit.  The ACLU, who represented the plaintiffs, is satisfied.  The deputy clerks are under court order and observation and must report in every two weeks, or face criminal contempt themselves (i.e., jail time).  Kim Davis may try to block the issuance of any more licenses, but she'll just go back to jail, and licenses will continue to issue.  Pretty soon even the people of Rowan County will grow tired of this dog-and-pony show.

She failed, she lost, she was rebuked, she left no mark on the system, she created no legal precedent, she solidified the holding in Obergefell and limited the holding in Hobby Lobby (which is the legal precedent she is relying on for all her statements about her "sincere religious beliefs").  The opposition to her position won everything except her extermination and removal from the face of the earth, or from public office in Rowan County.

And since the former is just childshly insane, and the latter was never really an option, why aren't we dancing in the streets?  Better yet, why don't we just turn out the lights and close the door on our way out.

This party is over.*

In the adult world, this is what "winning" feels like.  It's nothing like the movies or TeeVee, and there are people on the intertoobs still outraged that the judge "caved."

Leave them to their ignorance.  There's no hope for them anyway.  Adults move on.

*And if this doesn't make you laugh, what will?

Cruz did not appear at the press conference with Huckabee, Staver and Davis. But it wasn't for his lack of trying. The New York Times reported that when Cruz "exited the jail a throng of journalists beckoned him toward their microphones, but an aide to Mr. Huckabee blocked the path of Mr. Cruz, who appeared incredulous."
BTW, Cruz is polling 4% in Iowa, 5% in New Hampshire; Huckabee is 3% and 4%.  Anybody really think there's a "Kim Davis bounce"?


  1. Next she'll hold her breath until she turns blue!

  2. Typical; she goes right past stamping her feet.

    Why can't people observe the protocols?!

  3. I triple dog dare her to martyr herself on live TV!

  4. Show me someone who claims to have won the moral victory, and I'll show you someone who lost the argument.

  5. This is all political theater now, that means it doesn't mean what it means but what they can make it mean. It isn't real it's FOX real.

    I'm finding, ever more, that that kind of thing can happen when the truth has been so devalued as it has in our moderny, sciencey world. And the irony is that the "Bible believers" of this sort are as morally relativistic as the "Reality community" and the "Freethought" determinists and the guys who lie for science.

    I'm disgusted by it all.

  6. And they can't really make it mean anything. The only public figures taking notice of this are Cruz (who loses to Trump in Texas, according to polls) and Huckabee, who is about the only remaining candidate who polls below Cruz.

    This argument is over. The 'good guys' won. But somehow "winning" means obliterating your opponent; which never happens.

    There will always be an opposition; the only question is: how serious is it?