Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I can stop whenever I want to.....

And who is responsible for this?

By meeting with her, the pope has ensured that the takeaway from his visit won’t be that we must come together to focus on more important matters—because he failed to resist the lure of the latest divisive headline-grabber’s antics himself. The pope ate with the homeless, visited a prison, and spoke about the plight of immigrants, but all that is threatened by one single meeting.
As Fr. Martin points out, the Pope met with a lot of people while he was in America.  How many of them ran to the press, or worse, used their lawyers to run to the press, too, to publicize their meeting?

There's a reason the Vatican is not commenting on this meeting, and this is why.  Not because of who the Pope met with, but because of the use it is being put to.  Is that the Pope's fault?  Should he carefully screen who he meets with so there is no possibility of undue or completely incorrect publicity?  Should he have the people he meets with sign a non-disclosure agreement, to control this kind of thing?  Should he just avoid meeting people altogether, except public officials and those on the rope line?  Sure would eliminate this kind of kerfuffle.

Or should we all just consider the source, and stop leaping to the conclusion Kim Davis wants us to leap to:  that the Pope only meets with people he agrees with 100%, and his meeting with them indicates 100% approval and vindication of whatever they have done to be famous?

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  1. I don't know. Maybe Kim Davis as Samaritan woman? I'm not sure what points you're trying to make, so I should STFU.