Wednesday, September 13, 2017

...or the highway....

(Mostly because it's pointing left....)

I was going to say something about Robert Jeffress' exegesis:

“I mean, Jesus said we’re to love our neighbors as ourselves and that our neighbors are not just people like us, but people different than us,” Jeffress said. “But while Christian compassion is one consideration, it’s not the only consideration in the immigration problem. I mean, the Bible also says that God is the one who established nations and its borders.”

“God is not necessarily an open borders guy, as a lot of people would think that he is,” he added. “And thirdly, the Bible says God has ordained government to protect its citizens. So when you are talking about a Biblical solution to immigration, yes, we need to talk about compassion, but we need to balance that with government’s real responsibility to protect its citizens.”

According to Jeffress, the pastors were wrong to “lean on the side of compassion and [they] don’t balance it like it should.”

“I think these leaders and the pope are sincere, but they’re sincerely confused about the difference between the church and government,” he argued. “And so I think we need to keep those roles distinct.”

(Honestly, at some point the jokes write themselves.  "JESUS:  'That "love your neighbor," stuff?  Obviously only within reason, and only as far as the government lets you.  A Republican government, of course; a Democratic government is just godless.' ")  But then this came up:

He seems...nice.

And then he made his Twitter feed "private."  Now why would he do a thing like that....?


  1. Just to be clear: I'm an ordained pastor, and a Protestant, of long standing (part of the reason I have the quote from Terry Eagleton up there).

    But the idea that any Christian church is THE church is a chuckleheaded notion that all mainline Christian denominations (including the Church of Rome) gave up on several generations ago.

    Which is probably why this guy, a Trump nominee for the FEC (I think I have that right) made his account "Private." He doesn't want to disavow his revanchist leanings; he just wants to hide them until it's convenient to let 'em out again.