Sunday, September 03, 2017

I still say he tied his shoelaces together

Those floodwaters are beautiful!

CNN White House correspondent Sara Murray: 
“I think there has been a lot of notion paid to Trump says weird things when he goes to these places,” Murray opined. “He’s not great at showing emotions, he’s not great at showing empathy.”

“Look, these are all things we know about Trump,” she continued. “People voted for him in spite of that because they thought he was a good manager. And if you’re judging empirically based on the response so far, Texas is saying they are getting what they need, local officials are saying they are getting what they need.”

Murray insisted that the Trump administration “deserve good marks” and Trump “deserves a good review for this.”

“Because he was the president,” the CNN correspondent added. “He went there. He said comforting things.”

“It’s been really nice,” he said, according to the traveling press pool. “It’s been a wonderful thing. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing, I think even for the country to watch it and for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful.”

I know people who won't ever get back into their homes.  I know people being told to evacuate their homes, that power is being cut off to them; whole neighborhoods.  I know square miles of town where the water is rising, not receding.  It isn't beautiful; it isn't wonderful; and words like that are not comforting to anybody except a reporter living in D.C. looking desperately for the President to be "normal."

And the world is watching whole areas of Houston be flooded on purpose, now.  Houston lives and dies on real estate values, which is why flood control has been so poorly implemented since 1935.  Whole neighborhoods in high-value areas may become flood plain, may be inaccessible for a month or more, may well be razed to the ground when this is over.  How is that "beautiful"?  How is that comforting?

Indeed, it seems the primary person the President wanted to comfort was himself:

“They’re really happy with what’s going on,” the president, clad in a presidential windbreaker, told reporters, summing up the praise shelter residents had for the government’s—and his own—response to the storm. “It’s something that’s been very well received. Even by you guys, it’s been very well received.”
Houston is glad it could make the President feel better about himself.  Please don't come back; the future looks bad enough already.


  1. You can't show an emotion you don't have and he has no feeling for anyone outside of the smallest circle surrounding him. He can't even fake it.


  2. Exactly. Trump has no empathy, and he doesn't know or care about learning how to fake it. He's not right in the head and is completely unfit to be president. I'm no expert, but my guess is that Trump is not "crazy", but rather has a personality disorder of some sort that probably cannot be changed. If he were a member of my family, I'd know he needed help, perhaps a way to learn coping mechanisms as a means to function more normally in society. I'd also know that my family member should not be president. What worked for Trump in the shady New York real estate business does not work for him as president.

  3. "It's been a wonderful thing for the country to watch"?

    As someone asked on Twitter: "Who says that shit?"