Saturday, September 09, 2017

The President is Concerned!

The President is concerned about Irma hitting Florida.  If you go to his Twitter page soon enough, you'll see he's so concerned he's called in Courtney Cox to look concerned with him.

Well, no, he's not that concerned:

In some locations, people are arriving at the doors only to be told that there is no room for them there. Frustrated with what has been seen as a lack of communication from local officials — and, in some cases, conflicting messages about where to go — some are asking a simple question: Why hasn’t Donald Trump said he will use his Mar-a-Lago resort as a place of refuge for desperate Americans?

“Of course he should” open up Mar-a-Lago, Rick Castillo said, standing just in front of his beachside home in Hollywood. Mr Castillo had prepared his home the best he could, and was admiring the crashing waves in front of him before the worst of Irma arrived.

Mr Castillo said that he wasn’t worried about the storm anymore — forecasts no longer say that the eastern coast of Florida will experience direct landfall — but said that the ramped up concern in recent days had forced people to help one another, to be as selfless as possible. On Friday, he had picked up a shovel to help others fill sandbags from the beach to bring home for safety.

“He should be doing anything to help the public,” Mr Castillo said of the President. “When people need help, you either help or you turn your head. I think Trump is turning his head.”
They could heed the warnings of government officials, right?

Nicola Little arrived at the North Miami Senior High school desperate, and in tears. She had been told to go there after finding out that a hotel room she’d booked had been closed, but the signs outside and the Red Cross staff inside told her there wasn’t room for her at the shelter. Ms Little stood in tears in front of a check-in counter wondering aloud what she could possibly do. A staffer found a chair and sat her down telling her it would all be ok.

But, less than an hour later, Ms Little walked across the cement courtyard outside the school in tears again. She said that she’d been given food and two phone numbers of places she could go, but neither line answered.

“I have nowhere to go,” Ms Little, who came to Florida just months ago on vacation but had been stranded, said. “I’m not even from here.”

She walked down the street, away from the shelter, unsure what to do.

Finally, after The Independent flagged down a Red Cross volunteer delivering food, and then ran to stop her, Ms Little was assured she would be taken care of by a Red Cross volunteer. She was taken inside of the already packed shelter and told, finally, that she would have somewhere to stay.
Probably one of those journalists who won't be standing out in the wind tonight.....


  1. If that place is standing after this, unflooded and without having sheltered people, he needs to be impeached. If that's not a high crime, the term has no meaning.

  2. Looking for more about this, I came across Chris Hayes piece on MBNBC about Trump getting about 17 million for storm damage from a previous hurricane which didn't really damage MoL and he admitted he pocketed some of the money for himself, directly.

    How did this country ever sink as low as this?

    1. "It's money that matters/in the U.S.A.!"

  3. I tweeted the same suggestion to Trump as Michael Moore. Great minds...

  4. he makes me want to drink again.