Sunday, September 24, 2017

The POTUS as Miss Manners

Do they even play football in Puerto Rico?

And then he bothered to re-tweet two other tweets on the matter:

Each of which make as much sense as the President, so, he followed with this:

Except no mention of Steelers simply staying off the field, or why locking arms good, kneeling bad.  Or about Puerto Rico, for that matter:
Which is just a bit more important than what a handful of Americans are doing on the football field just before the game starts.

By the way:  the Jaguars and Ravens knelt, in London, during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner, then stood and locked arms for the playing of "God Save The Queen."  Polite guests, donchaknow?  So maybe Trump was approving of that show if diplomacy and courtesy?  The Seahawks and the Titans simply stayed off the field, (as did the Steelers) the singer of the national anthem and her guitarist dropped to their knees as it ended.  The singer at the Detroit game did the same thing. And the Jets didn't kneel, but locked arms, because one of the owners is nominated to be ambassador to the UK.  KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS!  Amirite?


  1. I wonder if that Marine authorized the use of his photograph for that.

    This is Trump trying to rally his base that was burning his merchandise last week. Who is this Donna Warren?

  2. Trump apparently spends a lot of time on Twitter looking for people who tweet about him. I mean, it's not like being President is a full time job!

  3. Reagan, Bush II, Trump, the Republican Party has proved that when there isn't a real president the Republicans in the Congress won't be capable of filling the breach in the affairs of the nation.

    I think maybe there should be a few more requirements to be elected to the office than age and place of birth. Though, as Teresa May proves, you can't necessarily depend on that even with a parliamentary system.

    And then there are the results of the election in Germany.

    We are in a period when the limits of media freedom to corrupt a nation before the results become dangerous are exceeded. I think we're going to have to take the risks of regulating lies and deception because those who want to lie and deceive for their own profit have perfected their methods past the level of safety. It also leaves us vulnerable to organized crime regimes like that of Putin.