Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Man Speaks

Kavanaugh says he wasn't at the party Ford remembers. She can't remember any details about where or when the party was (except she was 15), so the only conclusion is that Kavanaugh means he never attended any party before going to Yale. And he never drank or kissed a girl until he was married.  And he's been a choir boy all his life, no matter what his classmates from Yale say.

I'm still holding out for the phrase"hi-tech lynching." He's taken his outrage from the Thomas hearings, might as well take the words, too.

(And I agree with JMM: Kavanaugh has given up on the nomination. He can't invoke the moral umbrage of a black man, so he tosses his daughter up for sympathy and offers a "Fuck you all" for the rest.  JMM thinks Kavanaugh is cuing up a new career, but why? He has a lifetime gig now. He could moon the Committee and keep that job. Give him a beer, maybe he will.)

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