Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Trump has been fixated on the media reports on Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria, especially the death count.  According to the report where I found this image, he was also upset by the video  of this event, because it made him look bad:

"They had these beautiful, soft towels. Very good towels," Trump said during an interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in October. "And I came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people. And they were screaming and they were loving everything. I was having fun, they were having fun. They said, 'Throw 'em to me! Throw 'em to me Mr. President!'"

"The next day they said, 'Oh, it was so disrespectful to the people,'" he added. "It was just a made-up thing."

Because Trump never does anything wrong; he can only be wronged.

And then came Hurricane Florence, and Trump's Twitter feed suddenly overflowed with tweets directing people to FEMA and Homeland Security and NOAA and otherwise warning people to be ready for Florence.   He did break for this:

In a sea of tweets advising caution and promoting support services, these two were easily lost.  One might have thought the Trump of old had been finally leashed by his staff in an effort to make him appear reasonable.

And then he went outside.

“Got it?” Trump said as he handed two meals to a person in a car, adding: “Have a good time.”

The comment caused one MSNBC reporter to speak out off camera.

“I think he just said have a good time!” the reporter gasped.
Yeah, that's gonna be somebody else's fault, too.

No sooner posted than:

The mise en scene of the comment

Gonna be a lot of blame going around.

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