Monday, September 17, 2018

It's rainin' fake summons down in Texas

Not the act of a winning campaign:

The fund-raising appeal comes in an envelope with the words “SUMMONS ENCLOSED — OPEN IMMEDIATELY” written across it in large capital letters. In the upper left-hand corner are three lines of text: “Official Travis County Summons, Voter Enrollment Campaign Division, Ted Cruz for Senate 2018.”

And the return address? It says the “official summons” has come from Senator Ted Cruz.

The letter inside the envelope is more clearly part of a fund-raising effort. The Cruz campaign logo appears at the top of the letter and recipients are given the option to donate a preselected amount of money or to write in their own denominations.

You also gotta wonder:  what part of government does Cruz want to do away with, and what part does he want to exploit to scare people into opening envelopes?

The NYT notes the FEC doesn't think this violates their rules.  But the author of a provision in the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act says it does violate Texas law:

Which doesn't mean Cruz is going to jail, or is even going to be sued for the civil penalty.  But it doesn't make his campaign look any better.

Sadly, this is supposed to be funny:

Wotta campaigner this guy is.

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