Friday, September 28, 2018

Truth Outs

So the man we saw yesterday is NOT fit for the Bench, but he will be?

After all:

A good justice should be empathetic, not focused on oneself.

A good justice should be calm, not angry.

A good justice should show grace under pressure, not be easily rattled.

A good justice should be even-tempered, not short-tempered.

A good justice should be thoughtful, not strident.

A good justice should in the face of adversity show courage, not petulance.

Good leadership is all about making good decisions.  

And certainly we can agree that:

At the end of the day good leadership is about temperament. Having the kind of calm demeanor and even temperament that enables one to make sound thoughtful decisions under pressure. Not decisions that are reflexive, impulsive, angry or politically driven.

When one thinks of the sea of strident bitter recriminations that have engulfed this whole Supreme Court nomination process, and the partisan political football the Supreme Court has become, it feels like we’ve completely lost sight of what a Supreme Court ought to be.

But all is not lost!

Well, cheer up, the good news at least is I think we found someone today with the right temperament to make a fine Supreme Court Justice.

Her name is Christine Blasey Ford.

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