Sunday, September 16, 2018

Heckuva Job, Brockie

Trump's FEMA director proves his loyalty:
“I don’t know why the studies were done,” the FEMA director shrugged. “In my opinion, what we’ve got to do is figure out why people die from direct deaths, which is the wind, the water and the waves — you know, building collapsing, which is probably where the 65 number came from.”

“And then there’s indirect deaths,” he continued. “So, George Washington study looked at what happened six months after fact. And what happened is — and even in [Hurricane Florence] — you might see more deaths indirectly occur as time goes on because people have heart attacks due to stress, the fall off their house trying to fix their roof. They die in care crashes because they went through an intersection where the stop lights weren’t working.”
Or die when a tree falls on their car, which was probably gonna happen anyway, right?  There was a report that one of the deaths attributed to Florence was a man packing to leave his house ahead of the flood waters. I can't remember the cause of death, but it was attributed to the storm.  I suppose we should argue over adding that one to the count.

Because we should only be concerned about people who died for the "right" reasons. And we should argue vigorously about how many people deserve our generic and anonymous concern. On such issues turn the fate of nations.

“You know, the other thing that goes on,” Long added. “Spousal abuse goes through the roof. You can’t blame spousal abuse after a disaster on anybody.”

Especially among brown people, donchaknow?

These people have to look up to see the mole people.

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