Friday, September 21, 2018


And so he makes it worse.
Yeah, this is not going to end the way he wants it to. Withdraw the nomination and lose his evangelical base; insist on a vote, and inspire the Democratic wave.

And let us not forget that, although 36 years have passed, what the President dismisses in those tweets is the attempted rape of a 15 year old girl.* This cannot become a new standard of "normal."

*as the father of a daughter, as a human being, this man is beneath contempt and not fit to be among people. Period.


  1. Agreed, he is unfit and beneath contempt - but unfortunately so are the Republicans in the Senate and around the country- Kavanaugh himself. McConnell just announced he has the votes and Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Any hearing would be simply an attempt to smear and discredit the accuser at this point.

    As for Kavanaugh, if the perjury, casual lying to Congress, mysteriously paid debts suggesting he’s been purchased for the Court, and vile character revealed by his yearbook/attacks on Clinton/accusations of attempted forcible rape weren’t enough to show he’s unqualified - the fact that he would accept the position under the cloud of all these allegations shows itself shows he’s unfit for the bench

  2. McConnell is whistling past the graveyard. He's announcing the outcome to make it a fait accompli. Next week will tell the tale. All he needs lose is two.