Saturday, September 15, 2018

Starbucks went to Italy

And made the same coffee I've been making at home for 40 years.*

Nothing against Starbucks (they have improved the quality of coffee for purchase by the cup), but I find this hilarious.

*admittedly, I prefer my coffee to Starbucks non-espresso brews. YMMV, and all that, but I don't get my beans from them.


  1. Was never in a Starbucks, the reported price of their coffee would be enough to keep me out of one. The last time I spent money on coffee in a shop was when I got dragged into a Denny's after being in a chorus performing with the Portland Symphony, a very long time ago.

    I used to buy Equal Exchange coffee but had to start drinking rot-gut store brand instant because I drink too much if it tastes good. At least that's my strategy for trying to keep from a half a gallon every morning, literally my habit for years. I figure it's cheaper than anti-depressants and probably less dangerous.

  2. I easily go through 10 cups a day (that's the size of my coffee maker). I learned to when no one else in the house would drink it but me, and I figured, why grind enough for just 2 cups?

    Bought a cast-iron hand grinder years ago, figure it will outlast the cockroaches so why not? It's my one major indulgence, I've been known to pay way too much for a pound of well-roasted beans.

    I find it hilarious "pour over" coffee is now hip, and my coffeemaker is the preferred model. Everything new is old again, I guess.