Wednesday, September 05, 2018

No, Of Course Not

Never used that term on anyone!

Trump: I said, well wait a minute, lets go a little further. My ratings are higher than “Friends” now ― by a lot. And the other thing is it’s an hour program. And “Friends” as you know is a half-hour.

Stern: That’s right.

Trump: And you know who told me that one? I have a golf pro who’s mentally retarded. I mean he’s really not a smart guy. And I’m playing golf and I’m thinking about what I’m going to tell NBC, and this golf-pro comes up to me and he tells me, “Yeah but your show is an hour and ‘Friends’ is a half-hour.”

ROBIN: No, but they are saying that then those guys don’t get a return. You always make out but the guys don’t get a return.

TRUMP: Okay, I know, and that makes me a bad person right?

STERN: Well, hey, no but the thing is―

TRUMP: I know I was criticized in one magazine where the writer was retarded, he said, “Donald Trump put up $7 million, they put up $193 million and they are 50/50 partners. Why isn’t Donald Trump putting up more money?” And you know it is supposed to be because I am smart.

STERN: Right, they are hiring you.

TRUMP: If I put up this, they put up like 45 times more money, and then they criticize me for not putting up more money. I mean these guys are dopes. But what am I going to do?

Funny thing; we have the tapes.  But, of course, the only accurate reporting is how great Donald Trump is; everything else is lies.

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