Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Well, scratch the "conspiracy theory"

Trump is accepting that the op-ed is real (not "fiction," like Woodward's book).  Of course, that doesn't mean the diehards who follow Trump on twitter (and may be Russian bots, who knows?) all agree with Fearless Leader:
Yeah, I'm guessing bots; that last entry on the list is too much of a giveaway, along with the logo.

And since we can't do anything about Trump in the meantime, we might as well enjoy the show:

“That’s just his initial reaction,” The Atlantic‘s McKay Coppins noted. “In the coming hours and days we are going to see a more erratic president, more erratic tweeting lashing out.”

“I got a text before I came on-air from a former Trump advisor who’s kind of a Trump loyalist who was throwing around the word coup,” Coppins added.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson mused that the “paranoid” president “will not trust anybody in the White House now, at all.”

“Trump is going to indulge in all of this wild, paranoid cookiness,” Wilson said. “You talk about a witch hunt? He’s about to execute one there with everything but ladies up on a pile of lumber.”

“It’s gonna get nuts in the White House,” the GOP strategist said. “It’s gonna be glorious yet terrifying.”

I don't think it can get more terrifying for the nation.  "Glorious" works for me, though.  As well as some of the tweets:
Although Charlie Pierce is dead-on.  Anonymous and his/her fellow "officials" are not heroes.  Yeah, that conversation could be a whole 'nother thread.

But if this is the way it's gotta go down, ugly and with no redeeming "At long last, sir..." moment, well, I'm steppin' out for more popcorn.

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