Thursday, September 06, 2018


I really don't think Pence wrote the op-ed.  Not his style,  But it would be doubly funny if he did, because there's not a damned thing Trump could do about it, except freeze him out of the White House.

Pence could just retire to the Naval Observatory and work on his memoirs; or his plans for 2020.  He really oughta just say "I am Spartacus!," especially if he isn't.  It would improve his standing and burnish his reputation*, and cost him nothing.  Trump's gonna take him down the way Clinton took down Gore anyway; he might as well get something for his time.

And "gutless loser"?  Is everyone in the White House now permanently 12 years old?

*no, not by much, but every little bit, amirite?


Yeah, it's pretty obvious who wrote that statement (hint:  not Sanders).  Here's how that worked out:

Which I'm sure we'll be told is "fake news!"  Because.....

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