Monday, September 10, 2018

The Boy in the Bubble

Yeah, that bubble is not a one-man operation. 
Pettypiece worried that Trump is living in a bubble of his own creation. The president, she said “is so confident in his instincts when it comes to his political instincts, business instincts, he is not listening to anybody around him, whether it’s national security, public relations, or communications. He, as he always has been and now increasingly so, feels he is going to follow his gut on every issue.”

Well, as long as Trump listens to Fox&Friends and Sean Hannity and people like Michael Caputo (on NPR's "1A" this morning, insisting the "deep state" is out to get Trump, even as Tim Weiner and Juliette Kayyem directly refuted the conspiracy theory and said anyone who believes in the "deep state" conspiracy is an idiot.  Caputo never took that bait.), he will continue to believe his "gut."  Caputo went so far as to invoke the "no true Scotsman" argument.  When it was pointed out that most of the complaints Trump had arose from his staff and their inability to function in government, Caputo answered that Trump staffers were insufficiently loyal and supportive of Trump because they were "compromise" candidates forced on Trump and therefore were now undermining him.  Forced on him, of course, by the "deep state."  He had an excuse for every fact presented to him that Trump is simply incompetent.  Like the Big Idea, Caputo believed Trump cannot fail, he can only be failed.

It was a rather enlightening view of the conspiracy minded people Trump associates with (and here we recall what a fan Trump was of Alex Jones, at least once upon a time).  Trump is living in a bubble, but he is also listening to people around him; the people he agrees with, anyway, like Michael Caputo.

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