Friday, September 21, 2018

Mate in two moves....

Not helping

So let me get this straight:  

The GOP doesn't want their Old White Men to be seen questioning Dr. Ford, so they will hire an woman outside counsel to put her on trial.  Rather than an inquisition, they will run a cross-examination, but use a woman to do it.  Yeah, that's a clever shield (and kudos to Ford's counsel for objecting to this on the very grounds it gives the appearance of putting Dr. Ford on trial before the committee.  That's how you poison the ground before you enter the arena.)

And they won't let her testify after Kavanaugh (because it's much fairer to let him have the last word, right?) and they won't yield on letting her appear on Thursday (too late!) but Wednesday is acceptable over Monday.  Because time is so important, you see; but they're terrified lest they appear to have refused Ford an audience.

And they insist Ford accept their terms by end of day Friday or give it up forever.  Which is about the only deadline that hasn't shifted.

The spectre of the Law and the guard still loom, in other words; but it's looking more comic by the moment.  They can't win this fight, so they will lose it in the worst way possible.  Senators either won't bother to appear (the better not to be associated with the barbed questions of the professional interrogator pouncing on the woman who did not seek this spotlight), or they will do their best Mt. Rushmore imitation, peering down into the pit at their prey, trying to be as stone-faced as possible so as not to look like the predators they are.

Yeah; this'll work.

Sure you got those votes, Mitch?  The tweets are certainly running against you, and now the FBI is interviewing Ford to find out about the threats against her.  I think you'd better count again a week from Friday, because they're getting squishy out there.  You guys are heading for the most pyrrhic of victories.  I hope losing the Senate is worth it.

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