Saturday, September 01, 2018

The Day John McCain was memorialized in the National Cathedral

Donald Trump was busy:
Well, in 6 months you can end NAFTA, if you give official notice now (a tweet won't do it). Which will not be popular in Texas or Arizona, to name just 2 states. And Congress  "interfere"?  Congress approved NAFTA and passed enabling legislation which Trump can't repeal by executive order or on 6 months notice (and please, give notice before November!).
Really has no clue how embedded NAFTA is, does he? The only way back to "pre-NAFTA" is to repeal a number of laws.  Trump apparently doesn't know that.  Or, for that matter, what he is doing.

Except keeping his mind off the fact the nation of mourning John McCain, and Trump isn't there to talk about himself.

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