Monday, February 22, 2021

Dear Eric: Name One

Texas is not part of any national grid. We set this up in the '30's specifically to avoid Federal regulation that started under FDR.  There is no Federal regulation of electricity delivery in Texas, and precious few connections between most of Texas and either of the national grids.  That’s why we froze for a week. It wasn’t because of any policy Biden has enacted, because no such policy could affect the Texas grid. But  that raises the pertinent question.

What policy is Eric Trump talking about?

The GOP that is following Trump is still playing by the old playbook. Actually, the more competent the Biden Administration is, the less likely the empty claims of Trump & Co. will have impact.  The big test will be whether Trump can poison GOP primaries in 2022.  Some of his supporters want them to start a third party, but that’s even harder than ruining the GOP in the general elections.  Rabid supporters of Ross Perot tried it, with his blessing, but without much of his support or money, which he was willing to spend. Trump not only won’t spend his own money trying to start a third party (and donations likely won’t pay for it), he won’t provide any organizational skills to the effort.  We’ve just had four years of Trump as “administrator,” and we’ll spend years, if not decades, finding out just how ineffective and damaging he was.

His political future?  He doesn’t have one.  He’ll wreck the GOP, because ETTD. But in national politics, he’s deader than Jacob Marley. And his playbook? As useless as the plays of a pick up football team against Tom Brady’s Buccaneers.

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  1. OK, I don't feel at all sorry for people making fun of the stupid one anymore, though I think Little Donny is as stupid as he is.