Sunday, February 21, 2021

I Freely Admit....

...I'm just enjoying this. I don't even see that anymore; the “danger to democracy,” I mean.  Democracy in America is more resilient than that. I see a major party ruining it's chances among the general electorate, driving the country to do what California did. No, this will never be a one-party country, but I do remember when the GOP was the "minority" party. It's headed that way again. Democrats once ran the party on labor, but blue-collar workers are no longer the primary workforce, or percentage of the population, in America. MTP pointed out blue-collar workers are moving to the GOP, especially under Trump. That didn't exactly win them the White House, and with the disaster in Texas, Gov. Absent may well go the way of Gray Davis (anybody remember him?). There are a lot of blue collar workers in Texas not happy about freezing their asses off or having to sit in lines at Reliant Stadium in Houston to get a case of drinking water and a few bags of groceries.

These are the situations of which tectonic political shifts are made. If Texas just becomes a two-party state, it will be the biggest political revolution in U.S. politics since Reconstruction. I mean, only Donald Trump could get Georgia to elect two Democratic Senators in 2021. Time's they are a-changin'. To put it in "high tech" terms, I think we're seeing the code of American politics being rewritten. FDR did it, following Hoover. Biden may preside over it, following Trump.

I go back and forth (yeah, I know!), but today I’m decidedly “forth”!

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