Sunday, February 28, 2021

Same Song, Second Verse

He looks, but he does not see. I don't even want to post videos of the speech. So I’ll tell the tale in tweets. I'm guessing that didn't work out so well, if only because his speech ran for 90 minutes. Or because of what he said: Unity! So much unity! Here's a new idea!  Let's unify against somebody! Math is hard, since he's never won the popular vote and he only won the electoral college once. And how will be pull off this fake three-peat? Not that he actually promised anything: Grifters gotta grift. Unity!  Well, for me, but not for thee.

Trump has a good thing going (though for how long is subject to conjecture). And he doesn't share with others.

Well, he has a good thing going for now: More popcorn!
SO SAY WE ALL! (even a lot of people at CPAC)

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