Monday, February 22, 2021

These People Are CRAZY!

This is so dumb it makes my head hurt. Texas covers 268,597 square miles. It snowed over almost the entirety of the state, from the Panhandle (almost to Colorado) to Galveston Island, from El Paso (midway into New Mexico) to Del Rio (Rio Grande river) to Dallas and east to Texarkana. So, first, how do you distribute "synthetic snow" over such a wide area in such a short time? What mechanism does that?

Second:  how does any of this account for the record low temperatures across the state?  What, Bill Gates and Biden can't create real snow, but they can control the weather?


  1. How did Enron affect the independent organization and management of the Texas electricity grid?

    1. The regulatory/legislative scheme in Texas is basically Enron's: no controls over costs if you choose to buy from a "wholesale" provider. No control over how and when power is generated. Leading to the debacle last week, and $17,000 energy bills this week. The Enron model: fleece the rubes at both ends and collect large, while telling the rubes it's the "free market" and in their best interests. And when it isn't, the rubes have to pay anyway: it's what they signed up for.

  2. It depends on what the meaning of suggest suggests.