Sunday, February 21, 2021

Popcorn Futures Skyrocket

Will Hurd on MTP argued Democrats have to watch their backs, since the House lost seats in 2020. But Trump is taking over the GOP, and his supporters won't win general elections; generally. The GOP is busily self-destructing. Incumbent Republicans look like Greg Abbott (who is doing nothing for Texans, promising only to find scapegoats) and Ted Cruz (sheepishly passing out water for a photo op). 

Pat McCrory, on MTP, says we're "getting rid of natural gas" and "putting teachers ahead of children." Two more lies of the old GOP standard. Those days are over, and the non-Trump GOP (McCrory is not a sycophant, but he's not a never-Trumper, either).  These are the “issues” McCrory thinks will unify the GOP.  Old people like me call that “whistling past the graveyard.”  No, the GOP won’t die.  But this is gonna be FDR/Truman all over again.  Dems controlled the White House for so long Reinhold Niebuhr could tell his young adult daughter she’d never lived under a Republican presidency when Eisenhower was elected.  And he was followed by JFK and LBJ.  

McCrory closes by saying we’re “opening borders and closing schools.”  A) I guarantee you nobody in Texas, the state with the longest border with Mexico, is thinking about that right now.  B). Schools are state issues, not national ones.  Try as they might to nationalize that, the GOP doesn’t win with that issue, especially as summer brings almost complete vaccination access, and school reopens in September.   People in Texas are worried about food and water for their kids, and schools can’t open because pipes are broken and water has to be boiled (water fountains are closed until further notice).  You can’t bring people into those environments, and parents don’t want that extra worry on their backs.  By the time they give a shit about what McCrory is bleating about, it’ll be summer.  That “issue” simply doesn’t have legs. (And no, Texas is not the country, but how many parents with kids in school give a shit what Biden does about their local schools?  Or are paying that much attention to teacher’s unions?  Most parents blame their schools for what’s happening, not their kids’ teachers.)

I mean:  this is, in fact, the current GOP, with or without Trump:

Where’s that popcorn?

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