Thursday, February 25, 2021

More Money Is More Money, Except When You're Poor...

...beceause if you weren't so shiftless, you wouldn't be so poor.

Federal minimum wage (which = minimum wage in states like Texas, which still think people should be paid according to what the boss wants to pay....) is $7.25 an hour. If you can get a job that works you 40 hours a week (harder than Mitt thinks, I've no doubt), you can make a grand total of $290 a week before taxes.

Why you would want to keep that job rather than quit and make $400 a week, instead of $690 a week, is just proof that people like Romney don't really think in terms of numbers, they just think in terms of costs.

If my income could double, why would I turn down the extra cash?  It actually goes against the reasoning of most "free-market" conservatives, because more money is more money.  Isn't that the incentive that's supposed to drive us all and make America The Greates Country In The World? Did Mitt stop before he became richer than Croesus?  Has Jeff Bezos said Amazon has sold enough, now he will give stuff away, or just sell it at cost?

But when it comes to the working poor, they don't want to work, and they like to live poor, and besides they'd just squander the money on drink and cigarettes and coffee.  Right, Mr. Mormon?

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