Sunday, February 28, 2021

Not A Lenten Meditation, But It Should Be

Mitt Romney says you're lazy and would stop working altogether for a mere $400 a week. If you wonder why rural Texas communities don't like "big government," in part it's because they don't have enough government to afford people who can make out the kind of reports the Feds need in order to disburse disaster relief funds to them. This is a function of the state, which has tremendous control over counties, and offers zero support. Gov. Absent is not offering to help these counties. He's trying to find someone to take the blame for the winter storm that froze the state. He's done less about that than Trump did about Covid. Gov. Absent and the entire Texas GOP going back decades, generations now, thought that was a great idea: not to force power suppliers to prepare for cold weather. That idea is now an orphan, a bastard, AND a red-headed stepchild. No one even knows who let it in the house. You know that kid in the basement in Omelas? This idea envies that kid's treatment. Tell me something truly substantive Joe Biden has done in the last 5 weeks OTHER than deal with covid and improve the distribution of the vaccines. I doubt those who don't approve of his "job performance" could name anything, either. This, too, is part of the reason we froze to death for a week, and are now looking for someone to blame. No one ever wants to look in the mirror.

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