Friday, February 19, 2021

No Harm, No Foul


Donald Trump insulted Cruz's father (trying to connect him to JFK's assasination) and then insulted his wife (calling her ugly, if memory serves).  Cruz responded with "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

He blamed his myopia and sheer stupidity and hypocrisy and elitist standing (who can afford to fly to Cancun and then turn around and fly back on a moment's notice?) on his daughters.  Ted's sin is that he's too good a father!  Yeah, that's how I always thought of Ted:  as a devoted family man who loves them not wisely but too well.

Actually, the thought of Ted Cruz spawning is one of the most frightening I've ever had.

Will it matter?  Does it matter Beto O'Rourke is organizing volunteers to help Texans help other Texans, while Cruz flits back and forth from Houston to Mexico?


It should.  It doesn't.  This is Texas.  I'm fully expecting Abbott to blame ERCOT for everything, even though it's not a regulatory agency or even a governmental entity, and the whole problem this week has been the stupid decision to let generators of electricity do whatever they want while ERCOT exists only to tell the transmission line companies how much power they have to distribute, and how much they won't get.  There is no law in Texas that requires wind turbines in the Pandhandle (where it snows and ices on the regular in winter) to have de-icers on the blades (readily available and used around the planet), or natural gas generators to prepare their equipment for adverse winter conditions, which do happen down here (it's a big state;  snow on Galveston is practically like finding a unicorn in your backyard; snow in West Texas or even north Texas (D/FW area, basically) is as normal as winter.).  We got the results of deregulation we asked for.  Will somebody pay for that?  So far, Abbott is blaming ERCOT.  (It’s been pointed out the power to regulate generation of electricity lies with the PUC. Abbott has appointed all 3 members of that commission, and not mentioned them once. Gee, why is that?) Will that work?  Who knows?  This is Texas.

Deal with it.  The rest of us have to.

Adding:  OCICBW (Of Course I Could Be Wrong):
Don't just read the tweet, read the tweets in the article.  People are PISSED!  This may be just internet outrage, or it may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Either way, not a good look for the ruling party in Texas, which will do all it can to blame anybody else (I'm holding out for Dan Patrick telling us we should be proud to freeze to death for Texas and blaming our woes on transgendered school children using the same bathroom as "normal" kids).  This really isn't going away soon (i.e., the coast is thawing out.  The rest of the state?  Not nearly as lucky.). Probably the longer it lasts the less people will care about windmills.

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