Sunday, February 21, 2021

Elections Have Consequences

I'm guessing this has to do with Biden's EO's, many of which are undoing Trump's EO's.  So....

And I should have listened to this:
I didn't realize Jr. was ranting about "teacher's unions."  Which don't, to begin with, have Biden in their hip pocket.  Like Trump, there's not a damned thing Biden can do to re-open public schools (or private ones, for that matter).  Texas is the second most populous state in the union, with a right to work law which means whatever teacher's unions exist (they do), their power is negligible.  Besides, there are as many parents concerned about their kids in school as there are teachers about being in school with them.  And right now schools in Texas can't even open:  no water, no power (more the former than the latter), repairs to broken pipes/cleanup from broken pipes, etc., to be made.  

This is not an issue on anybody's radar, but the GOP is still using the old playbook.  It may concern pundits and reporters on Twitter, but in the real world this isn't even background noise right now.  And notably, Jr. has no kids, so he doesn't even have a dog in this fight.  Ted Cruz is staying out of it because his kids go to an exclusive private school in Houston, and are going to be quarantined from the school for a week when they get back.  At the insistence of the other parents.

I'm sure Jr. will blame teacher's unions for that, too.  He still hasn't figured out we don't have a Democratic governor.

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