Monday, February 22, 2021

Right Wing Funnies Watch

Res ipsa loquitor. The judges say: Most appropriate. The fence was put up by Trump, and probably remains for the same reason the National Guard and barbed wire still surround the Capitol (hint: it ain't to keep out the latte-sippin' liberals!). The stores closed because of Covid. The shopping cart? Well, ain't that America? So the rest of us are just...squatters? "Little pink houses for you and me!" But not for thee! 

And for lagniappe, a report from the hellhole that is now Biden's America: The horror, the horror!

I’m beginning to think that, if the evangelicals are right and God wanted Trump to still be our President, then either God really hates us, or we did something really bad. So either we dodged a divine bullet; or some evangelicals are shameless power whores.

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  1. Republican-fascists are to the United States as Antiochus Epiphanes is to Israel. Literally, with their "death to Americans" policy.