Saturday, February 27, 2021

I Am Privileged, Hear Me Whine

MTG didn't want to be "heard."

She wanted to have things her way.

The anecdote that opens the article is her disagreement with “Drag Queen Story Hour” at her library.  She’s a taxpayer.  She’s a resident of the town.  Why would the library do something she didn’t want done?  “Listen to me” is not “hear my voice,” it’s:  do things the way I’m comfortable with.”

We’re gonna be having this discussion for a long time.


  1. I wonder if there really was a drag-queen story hour of if it was made up.

    Makes me think of how Rikki Lake, when Divine died said he'd always be the man who taught her how to walk in heels to her.

    When I worked in the library I hated story time. I'll never forget the woman who was, beyond doubt, our gold-medalist volunteer coming up to me afterwards and saying, "Did you see how that woman let her brat behave? Did you see that? It drives me wild when they let them act like that in the library."

  2. It was a thing here, in 2018. I think there was a nationwide effort, out of San Francisco. Funniest part local right wing loonies used it to run scare ads that year. For their efforts they got the entire slate of GOP judges turned out by a slate of black democratic women. Complete turnover all at once. I still laugh about it. Houston has been solidly Democratic since. Heh.