Sunday, February 28, 2021

"First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers"

What could go wrong? Seems reasonable. Bi-partisanship NOW! (Also, does Ken realize Biden is Catholic? Or is that why he includes the Pope being rounded up? Finally: I truly think these people have always existed in American politics. What we are watching is how they swallow the GOP whole. And while I'm not impugning Ken, it really does all have to do with racism, the All-American original sin.  The insanity started when Goldwater lost, but it started juicing steroids when the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed.)  Anyway, more on Ken: The interviewer is not the only one confused in that conversation. Ken thinks Amendments are appendices to the Constitution, not alterations of its provisions. We did the same thing with the election of U.S. Senators.  It's an idea that's as unconstitutional as the document itself, if only because the 2nd Amendment is: an amendment! Don't try to explain any of this to Ken, though.*

Am I the only one in the hinterlands who really doesn't give a shit about Gov. Cuomo? Is he a pig? Is he a molester of women? Seems like New York's problem, to me. I don't mind 'em talking about it, but don't assume Democrats across the nation have a stake in that conversation. If he was the governor of Arkansas or New Mexico, would anybody even notice this story? If New York weren't a major media center (because of NYC. How many national reports do you hear about life in the rest of that state?), would anybody even hear about this? You know they'll claim 82 million people tuned in to listen to Trump blather, no matter what. It's not even a question of reality. It's just a matter of which claim you like. Because, really, it's like Cuomo's follies: who really gives a shit? However many people want to watch Trump scream to the audience at CPAC, he's still a man who never won the popular vote and who cost his party the House, the Senate, and the White House, all in four years.

Nothing is gonna change that.

*Ken forced me to do some research.  What I found was hilarious.  The date for the inauguration was set, originally, for March 4.  That was changed in 1933, by the 20th Amendment, and FDR was the first President inaugurated on January 20.  It's worth noting that the date (March 4) fell on a Sunday in 1821, 1849, 1877, and 1917, so the Inauguration was held on the following Monday in those years.  Imagine such Constituitonal looseness today.

Anyway, the funny part:

The first president of the United States, George Washington, was not inaugurated until April 30. Although Congress scheduled the first inauguration for March 4, 1789, they were unable to count the electoral ballots as early as anticipated. Consequently, the first inauguration was postponed to allow the president-elect time to make the long trip from his home in Virginia to the nation’s capital in New York City.

Oh, the conspiracy theories!  O, the humanities! Clearly there was fraud involved!

There is no secret March 20 date in the Constitution.  Ken is conflating the date in the 20th Amendment with the month in Art. II, and coming up with zebra.  Ken is due to be very disappointed, if the sky on his planet is blue.

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