Thursday, February 25, 2021

I'm Sorry, But "Potato Head"....

...sounds more like an insult than a title. Is "Mr." really a problem? 

On the other hand, this matter is about as serious as this one: Personally, I wouldn't touch a "Shamrock Shake" with a club. But that's just me; and the fact I'm old enough to remember when "milk shakes" were made with real milk, and with ice cream made with real cream. I even remember when you could buy milk shake blenders like they had in burger joints and drugstore lunch counters (yeah, I remember those, too) to make your own at home. So maybe it's the snobbishness of nostalgia, and nothing else. Elitism comes in all forms.

Which is dangerously close to a Hot Take on the essence of modern life, so I'd better stop there.

1 comment:

  1. I can't remember, I think kids used to mix and match to gender-bend, probably as soon as Mrs. Potato Head hit the market. Probably earlier.
    I didn't know about Shamrock Shakes. Nuh-uh. I had a weird hankering for finding a can of Potato Sticks a year or so ago and I've been tempted to try Cheezits again but not enough to go to the store. I remember my grandfather sometime in the 1960s reminiscing about going to the beech and boiling periwinkles to eat as a kid in Lynn MA, he said it would probably make him puke if he tried it,he was younger than me when he said it. So I suppose things could be worse for me.