Thursday, February 18, 2021

Ted Really Needs To Stay Off Twitter

And then it gets better: The Houston airports were closed for several days, which makes this even worse, IMHO. As soon as they re-open, Ted scurries out of the country, only to return because social media has burned his ass. Always a good look, no?

Wait, he has an excuse!
So, his family couldn't fly without him? Sure, and I didn't put my wife and infant daughter on a train to Texas because we all couldn't afford to travel for Thanksgiving that year. I couldn't go with her to help with the young Golden Child, but Cruz has to be sure his family gets to the Mexican resort before he hastens home again? Of course! Who wouldn't?

And apparently this is why he needed HPD to come to the airport:
But in keeping with our theme, Ted Cruz REALLY needs to stay off Twitter:
And now he blames his daughters because, apparently, his wife couldn't go with them? And his office couldn't say anything about this until now? Sure, Ted. Dinesh believes you. The rest of us just think you're an asshole. True.

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