Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Evergreen Lies 🌲

The Green New Deal was first proposed in 2019.  The first “Arctic blast” in Texas was in 1989. The next one was in 2011. The recommendations for the electrical grid after that storm were ignored, leading directly to the disaster of 2021.

ERCOT was created by the Texas Legislature in 1970, a response to the East Coast blackout of 1965.  Texas set up its independent grid to avoid federal regulations in World War II.

And of course the Green New Deal is a proposal, not a law. It’s not even a regulation; nor is most of Texas subject to Federal power regulations.

What happened last week was at least 80 years in the making. And has nothing to do with renewable energy or New York City.

You’d be amazed how many people this has to be explained to.

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  1. The reason they lie flagrantly is because the "free press" lets them lie with impunity. They wouldn't do it if the media didn't let them do it and when they do it with the media's help, people die.