Sunday, February 28, 2021

Don't Try This In Court, Kids!

When I threaten the established order of government, it's democracy inaction! (of course, losing 60 court cases should tell them what they are "pushing back" against; but clearly they don't speak "law").  Meanwhile:

I also understand Trump has so damaged the suburbs Republicans who actually understand elections fear even redistricting is screwed, since demographics and census info (and zip codes, etc.) may not mean shit, which means the GOP can't save itself with redistricting. This may well be the party of Trump, after all.  Just not in the way Trump wants it to be: And while we're on CPAC, let's look at that deep bench the GOP gives us: I think Harris/AOC could beat that ticket. Meanwhile, future's so bright: I have to pause here and remind everyone CPAC hasn't meant shit in national politics since Newt Gingrich shocked everyone and Rush Limbaugh still mattered (he was defunct as a political influence decades before he died). See? DeSantis? Gov. Absent has a better record to run on, even with the Texas winter debacle. And he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Same crowd says: "No Trump? Well, then DeSantis (CPAC is in Florida), maybe Noem." Sure.

Get back to me in four years, see if anybody remembers any of this.


  1. Does NPR still slavishly cover that thing? I never listen to it anymore so I don't know.
    I hadn't taken a good look at pictures of the Golden Moon Calf statue before so I didn't know till you posted that picture yesterday just how childishly absurd it is. I thought it looked like a Disney princess had a love child with a Harry Potter house elf but thinking later it looks more like Mickey Mouse had one with a house elf who double crossed Goldfinger. The conservative movement labored mightily and excreted this.

    1. Apparently CNN covered it. I read the some “journalist” interrupted Jim Acosta during an interview to pester him about the Gov. Cuomo story (a story NYT broke but “conservatives” claim the media is ignoring.). And there are enough pictures of that Trump statue around to tell me somebody is reporting on CPAC.

      But no, I don’t think NPR sent everyone they have to Florida this time, as they’ve seemed to do in the past. In fact NPR this morning repeatedly called Trump’s claims in his speech “False,” especially any about the election.

      I can remember when CPAC was THE event for political journalists, all of whom slavishly reported on whatever lunacy poured out of that clown college. Now it’s not even a sideshow attraction.