Saturday, February 27, 2021

"Do You Pwn The Libs? Or Not?"

Shorter Ron DeSantis. And this is the guy some Republicans want to see in place of Trump.

Combined with shorter Trump, Jr.
"Lose like a loser!"

2024 is a very long way off.  Gonna seem even longer to the GOP.

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  1. All true, all too true but the traditional conservatives have a lot of self-searching they need to do because what they've tried to use as a tool since 1964 was always like this, the big lesson is that what they harnessed didn't remain in harness but took over the driving. Their values that allowed them to do that are not under serious reconsideration by a lot of them, so far as I can see. It's like that repulsive ass John Danforth suddenly realizing that he might share in the blame for Josh Hawley and trying to deflect people noticing his responsibility.