Thursday, August 03, 2017

All we are saying, is give racism a chance!

So Jeff Sessions, the man deemed too racist to be a federal judge, now wants to protect the privileges of white males in states like Texas, where whites are the minority.  Because white males are the proper measure of all achievement, and everyone non-white must be measured against it (and found wanting, of course.  I mean, if they're getting into white colleges, it must be because they displaced a deserving white man!).

And Donald Trump, the man who stuffed Orly Taitz in a box, taped the lid down, and shipped her off to parts unknown in order to become the Birther-in-Chief on the single most racist issue about the Presidency of Barack Obama that didn't involve portraying our 44th President with a bone through his nose, has now proposed an immigration policy so racist and white-privileged that a CNN reporter gets into an argument with spokesracist Stephen Miller about it in the White House press room.

And Dave Chappell says he never wanted to give Trump a chance.  What did he know that the rest of us didn't know?

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